Monter thérapie treatment given by Lead Co. Ltd. helps maintain a youthful figure with the use of natural minerals

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Treatment course

  • Monter thérapie body course
  • Monter thérapie face course

Monter thérapie body course

Starting from the back-side

  • Monter R essence or Monter S essence developed using more than twenty natural products is applied on to the body. The massage starts from bladder meridian; the sagging skin on the neck is stretched out to give a slender image.
  • The shoulder and back are massaged, correcting posture and giving a slender impression.
  • The hipline is lifted, bone anatomy corrected, and a beautiful leg line will be made.
  • The front-side (after the application of the Monter R essence or Monter S essence)

  • The massage starts from the leg area of the gall bladder median which aids in sugar metabolism and digestion, then to hip joint area which aids in fat metabolism. Distortions in the legs are corrected and a slender and beautiful leg line is constructed.
  • Excess fat is taken away from the stomach areas, and a beautiful bust and waist line is constructed.
  • Using a body pack and bandages containing power stones, the beautiful bodyline is maintained.
  • After the body pack is cleaned off, the massage is finished by applying the Monter R essence, Monter S essence, or other essences depending on purpose.

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