Monter thérapie treatment given by Lead Co. Ltd. helps maintain a youthful figure with the use of natural minerals

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Meaning of Monte TherapieIn French "monte" goes up "therapie" is "therapy". The distortion of the body, Talmi, facial wrinkle named in the sense that it will rise to its original position in a state that it can not survive gravity and has fallen.

What is Monte Therapie?

Our body is equipped with a human being's healthy, young and beautiful power (homeostatic maintenance function).

However, it can not withstand gravity, the body distorts, Tarumi, facial wrinkles appear on the surface. So, in order to protect the youthful and beautiful appearance, we devised Monte therapie as a method to maximize the homeostatic maintenance function with the effect of certainty and immediate effect.

Since ancient times, based on oriental medicine established based on empirical data, it is realized by using meridians, using massage methods according to the flow and using Monte products to work on meridians, the ultimate in Japanese origin It is an anti-aging care system.

The work and effect of Monte Therapie

With the theme of "drawing out the power to preserve a healthy and youthful appearance", various treatments such as body distortion, facial wrinkle, Tarumi can be improved from the deep part of the body with excellent remedial treatment It has a lifting effect.

In Monte series, natural water with vibration of diamond, natural ore (power stone) aiming to demonstrate lifting effect and higher homeostatic maintenance function, natural herbs and medical flowers plentiful natural plant extract, natural power We are developing a cosmetic product that uses luxuriously natural materials that are overflowing.

What is Meridian in Oriental medicine?

It is a line connecting the acupuncture point which is said to have 360 parts in the whole body, 12 body in the half body 1 in front of the center of the body 1 piece in the back 1 total in total 26 channels of meridians "Ki" go around the whole body without delay Things keep healthy and beautiful state.


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